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pretaining or tending to the mafia

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Ficcing and art journal for Katekyo Hitman Reborn.

Shamelessly and perhaps a bit nonconly sister to trophaeumtower
baseball, batsword!1, biting to death, bondage octopus, can't-sleep-couch-will-eat-me, chrome, cosplay, dino is old, disposing of corpses, exploiting the bazooka, explosives, extreme boxing!!!, get off my lawn, haru, hibari, i'm a shaaaaaark, it's awwwright, katekyo hitman reborn, kokuyou, kyouko, lambo, mafia, maman, millefiore, papan, pissing off dera, reborn, ryohei, squalo, starbucks, ten years later, tentacle rape baby, that is not legal!!, the right hand man, the weather channel, those meddling mafiakids, topping-dino-is-a-national-sport, tsuna, varia, vongola, xanxus, yamamoto